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                                  is a rising artist whose musical journey encompasses elements of chill, lofi, hip hop, R&B, soul, pop, and electronic music. Born in Sioux City, Iowa, 8alin's path led him to spend 14 years in Denver before finally settling down in the vibrant city of Portland. For fans of artists like Mac Miller, Frank Ocean, and The Weeknd, 8alin has embraced a unique style that resonates with those seeking good vibes and laid-back tunes.


8alin initially entered the music scene with a foundation in poetry and hip hop. However, he underwent a transformation and emerged as a singer-songwriter with a gentle, easy-going demeanor and an aesthetic that perfectly complements his artistic vision. His music serves as a conduit for easy-going, peaceful yet emotive sounds that evoke nostalgia and capture life's core memories.


Having penned several compelling songs, 8alin collaborated with his team to produce a remarkable 10-track LP album. Through his art, 8alin aims to create intentional and intuitive pieces that reflect an honest and empathetic storytelling approach to his own life journey. His poignant lyrics convey wisdom gained from life's lessons, blending a wide spectrum of emotions seamlessly into his alternative pop music productions. From expressing appreciation for life and loved ones to exploring the complexities of hardship, 8alin's music encompasses a diverse range of feelings.


Looking ahead, 8alin is set to drop his next single this holiday season, serving as a tantalizing preview for his highly anticipated full-length record arriving in 2024. As his musical story continues to unfold, we encourage you to keep a keen eye on this talented artist's progression in both his music and career. 8alin's captivating melodies and engaging lyrics are sure to make him a favorite among those in search of good vibes and feel-good songs.

Stay tuned for more from 8alin as he cements his place in the music industry. By embracing his music, listeners will embark on a journey that echoes his life and connects with their personal experiences. Prepare to discover the magic of 8alin and delight in his soul-soothing sounds.

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