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Organica Records

Intentional & Intuitive Art

Creator, 8alin on the vision and core values behind Organica Records:

Honesty - The emotional content within my lyrics represents my willingness to be vulnerable in order to create art that speaks truth to power. I often encourage honesty as a policy for a happy life in my music and a foundational pillar in my happy marriage to my beautiful wife who I’ve been blessed to spend over 12 years with. Being genuine and not shying away from expressing your true feelings has allowed me to grow into the writer and man I always aspired to be. Being brave enough to be at times painfully honest leads to real emotional healing.

Artistic Expression:

I always encourage my listeners to take a chance on their creative ambitions. We find ourselves through the portrayal of our own life experiences. 

Empathy: for the listener can be heard within my lyrics and musical productions. My aim is to connect with my listener and provide an outlet for them to feel their emotions through my music. I promote positive vibrations and inviting melodies in order to uplift and entertain my listeners. The simple delight of happy melodies and relaxing chord progressions in my music encourage appreciation for the life we live. 


It's much deeper than just following your gut. I allow my intuition to guide me and do my best to follow what feels in line with my purpose not only within my music but my day to day life. I stop and I listen, allowing inner guidance to direct the flow of my creative decisions. 

Respect: for the planet, each other and ourselves!

As my brand and label Organica Records continues to develop, we nurture this as a core-value in all aspects of what we do. From our planned expansion into conservation to our efforts in community wellness we aim to create a culture centered around respect for eachother and the planet we call home. The Music of 8alin serves to promote the implementation of positive habits in consideration of mental health and respect for yourself. Having respect for all races, genders, creeds and valuing the differences that make us who we are. 


when it comes to me personally creating music and the vision for Organica is heavily tied to Honesty. In my music I like to address heavy emotions or even conflicts within relationships that we all may experience. 

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