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8alin is a Hip-Hop artist, producer, and songwriter from Colorado, USA.

His meditative lyrics and intuitive messages hit home for those seeking growth, while his instrumentals draw the attention of even the most original of Hip-Hop heads.

As he takes his music throughout Colorado and the Denver area, playing shows at venues such as 'Your Mom's House', and 'The Broadway Roxy' 8alin continues to hear praise and appreciation for the tunes himself and others have recognized as "Organic", and "True to himself".

In 2019 8alin took it two steps further with the release of his completely self produced album 'Alien8ed'. 

In 2020 he is beginning to already make even more strides, with the release of his video for 'DoughBoyBars'. His next release, 'It's B: Gemini' is set to release on September 8th, 2020.



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